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Forever Outdoors is an organization that hits pretty close to home for me. Their mission:

To promote organ donation awareness along with outdoor adventures for those people that have to overcome obstacles that stand between them and outdoor adventures.

Since most of y'all probably aren't aware, my husband (aka blindcowboy) is currently waiting on a kidney transplant, and since we're both hunters we think this organization is pretty freaking awesome.

At any rate, the guy behind Forever Outdoors—Rob—was a living donor to his friend, Gil, who unfortunately is no longer with us. But Rob is trying to make sure Gil's memory—and his goals—live on.

"Gil Alexander and Rob Robinson (Gil's kidney donor) had a dream to raise money for organ donation, provide wounded soldiers and youth with hunting opportunities and help Historic Nicodemus, Kansas survive! Rob is moving forward with this amazing business although he now has to carry the dream alone. The Banquet and dance is the fundraising kickoff! Come out and have a GREAT time and help someone continue to live...that is what Gil would want!"

Here's the super cool thing, though, they're having a silent auction (and people will be able to bid online) to help raise money, and Rob has a goal of auctioning off an outdoor adventure/hunt in every state of the US. So far people have donated things like a two day hog hunt in Oklahoma, turkey hunting in Georgia, and gopher hunting in Montana. If any of you are able to donate, or if you just want to keep this on your radar for the silent auction for a shot at a cool hunting trip, feel free to check out the Forever Outdoors Facebook page.