I don't want to do it but I need to sell my blood tracking dog Pepper due to a change in my work schedule. She is almost 2 (20 months) and has a great start on tracking with multiple tracks under her belt on deer and hogs. Runs a good trail but is closed mouth. I always track her on a lead. GPS would be needed otherwise. I am wanting her to go to the right person and home so I plan to ask a few questions to anyone that may be interested. Nothing personal, I just want it to be a great fit.

NALC registered female. Intact and never bred. She has already come into heat twice. Most recent was a month ago.

Great for a one dog house. Not the best with other dogs. She would make a great tracker for someone but not be a good fit added to a hog hunting pack.

She has a strong cattle dog family history.

She needs to go to a home with lots of room to run. I jog 5 miles multiple times a week with her to keep her fit. She also runs at least twice a week at my ranch. She is an inside dog at my house but sleeps in a crate at night.

Up to date on all shots

She still has a lot of puppy in her. She is a Catahoula, she's hyper.

She has absolutely no understanding of personal space. She loves to be a lap dog and give hugs, to the point of annoyingness at times.

Like I said, if a guy is looking to get into blood tracking this is the dog for you. She is a great family dog and has done great around my kids. She just needs lots of attention and praise to do her job. Please PM me with any questions.

She will come with a camo Southern Cross cut gear catch vest and two cut collars. She likes to fight with hogs so I always run her in a cut vest.

Price - $800.00

Located in Round Rock but travel through Lampasas weekly.