Experienced responsible hunter looking for a reasonable year-round long-term lease. I would love to join an existing lease that has an open spot. I do not drink or smoke and I am very easy going and likable. Zero drama from me, I would adhere to all the rules from the land owner or lease boss. I am comfortable with or without lodging or electricity - price should be compensatory. I just love to be in the wilderness and watch wildlife. It would be nice to be able to hunt hogs and predators on the property. My wall is filled with excellent trophies, so antlers aren't the driving factor in a lease. It would be nice to connect with a group of like-minded individuals and share some great hunting experiences.

I would like to be able to harvest two to three deer per year, doe, spike, cull buck, or trophy - meat is what matters to me. Unfortunately, my budget is limited to $2,000 per year. I bow and rifle hunt and would also love the opportunity to let my wife sit with me in the stand - she does not hunt but loves doing things with me. We have no children, but we get along great with kids so that would not be an issue if fellow members bring their children.

If anyone has a spot open for 2018 hunting season I would love to connect with you and see if we can work out the details. I would prefer to be within an hour of Waco, Texas but that may not be possible. I know this is a long list of things that I would like but everything is negotiable and I am sure we can find an agreement that would make us both happy.

If anyone on here knows of something like this it would be greatly appreciated. You can text, call, pm or email me.

email address is mark_mccreary@baylor.edu