Looking forward to sitting one last time this afternoon with my 13 year old. He got his first deer this year on the opening day of youth season on the front end this year. My 10 year old has not shown any interest this year until I talked him into going with me yesterday afternoon. I told myself I was not going to get onto him about moving around to much or making noise or anything, just enjoy the time. We ended up seeing around 10 deer, nothing to shoot but I got him to sight on stuff and get used to getting in a position to shoot. He was so excited he was shaking like a leaf! He couldn't stop talking about going again when we got back to the house. I told my oldest that we were going to have to talk my wife into going through the hunter safety course and getting a license next year so they can both hunt at the same time! It has been a fun season. Looking forward to future seasons with the boys. Good times. Anybody else enjoying one last day this year with a kiddo?