After a full season of hunting the public land in the area I have come to the conclusion the birds have been hunted too hard in the area and have developed a strategy of seeking private land that is never hunted (duh), OR landing on the lakes. After multiple morning where I'd see massive flyovers (including one where I counted 170 ducks), I learned the public land out here does not hold ducks. On occasion you'll get lucky and have one or two flyover, however these Ducks know what's going on. They're ignoring decoys left and right and no matter how many unnecessary hail calls you do, they will not land unless they have already pre determined where you're at is where they want to be. My advice, hit the lakes hard. After lots of hours scouting- these ducks are laying down on the lakes and moving throughout the lake all day. Find yourself an access, and potentially a boat and get after it. Learn from my mistakes and don't waste your time on the public plots with a few ponds. With the season coming to a close now is not the time to give random spots a try. If you're wanting to end on a good note take a few decoys out to a lake, find some accessible brush in the lake (not on the perimeter and hunker down). Best of luck!

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