Hornady Action Pistol (HAP) Bullets - 9mm (0.356 Diameter), 125 Grain Jacketed Hollow Point - QTY 500

The bullet engineered with the competitive shooter in mind. Hornady began with a bullet legendary in its accuracy - the Hornady XTP - and redesigned it as the perfect competition projectile. While the XTP uses folds and a cannelure to aid in expansion and increase terminal performance, expansion is meaningless in competition. So, the folds and cannelure are gone from the HAP (Hornady Action Pistol) bullet.

Because jamming can cost a competitive shooter the match, Hornady placed the HAP's pure lead core inside a copper jacket that protects the nose, ensuring smooth feeding. And like the XTP, the core of the HAP bullet is cold swaged from pure lead to give it amazing consistence, balance and stability in flight. This is not loaded ammunition.

QTY 500 = $50.00

QTY 1,000 = $90.00


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