Last week I dialed in 4 rifles for load work up. A 338 Norma Mag, 6.5x284, 300 SAUM and 308 Win.

The 338 Norma Mag shot very well. 300 Berger OTM. Load C put 4 rounds in a little over .6" at 200 yards. I got pressure the first time out with it at a little over 2700 fps. I backed the load down some, and this was my target.

Here's a 6.5x284 that S&S built. It's a long action rifle pushing the new 147 ELD-M from Hornady. This rifle shot VERY well! Load D was it, with a .360", 5 shot group at 200 yards. Every group I put through it shot well, but Load D was THE one! The one round low on Load C was me. The trigger went off when I was not really ready for it!

Here's a 260 Rem I shot. 142 Sierra Match King at 200 yards. Load E has 5 rounds at 200 yards a little over an inch. Lapua brass, H4831 powder, Fed 210 and 142 SMK. This was a brand new barrel, and the speeds should pick up once it gets settled in some.

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