Lake City "LR" 7.62×51 Primed Brass Cases – "Long Range" M118 cartridges are manufactured by Federal Cartridge Company to meet very stringent accuracy standards. Lake City LR 308 is very similar to LC MATCH brass and is an excellent choice if making precision ammo with military brass. Lake City LR 308 brass does not have crimped primers, is thick-walled, and tough.

This brass is clean, shiny, ready to reload.
* Run through your Full Length Sizing Die without the decapping pin to insure a true "round" case mouth.
* Also recommend a light chamfer to the case mouth for ease of seating your projectiles.
* I weighed 100 cases, and the range was 2.5 grains.

Qty 100 = $50.00
Qty 200 = $95.00
Qty 400 = $180.00

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