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30 total acres with approximately 600 acres of rural land to the north and the south. These areas provide both dense and sparse cover, with some areas lying adjacent to open grass fields, providing favorable edges for wildlife. The property contains a variety of native grasses, flowers and other lush vegetation, as well as large trees, such as oaks and pines which provide ample forage for wildlife. An easement runs through the middle of the 10-acre and 18-acre tracts, providing access, but privacy between both tracts. It also serves as a wildlife corridor connecting the larger property pieces providing the edges that are favorable to wildlife. Ponds with steep, clay banks fed by an intermittent creek are located in the southeastern part of the property. These ponds provide a necessary water source for feral hogs and other wildlife, while the protection from tall, wooded timbers around the perimeter of the pond are ideal for attracting waterfowl. In addition, due to the ponds' catchment ability and water retention, it can serve as an area for recreational fishing.

Waterfowl-$75/per gun

Fishing- $25 (24-hour period)

Bow hunting only for feral hogs/white-tailed deer. Day/Weekend use only. May discuss up to possible one-week lease if customer inquires. User (hunting fee) of $100. $150 harvest fee. No harvest fee for