Hi folks, just throwing a line out to see if any ranches or outfitters in west Texas have something available end Dec or early-mid Jan timeframe for my son and I to try and get a deer or two. We drove out from our home in Arizona in Oct but the weather was absolutely awful (hot and wet) and long story short, my son didn't get an opportunity at a deer and I got a doe on the last night. The ranch we hunted offered for us to come back, but they've gone completely silent and aren't returning any messages or emails (not judging because I don't know their circumstances). We aren't picky and would be happy with a cull buck for him or even just does or javelina. I just want to get my son his first big game animal. We don't need a place to stay necessarily as we camp out in the back of the Tahoe quite a bit. Not looking for a handout, just a place that would give us a good chance of getting some meat for a reasonable price (we already have our licenses, obviously). Driving distance is important so I'm really looking at west Texas to try and keep my drive under 12 hours. Shoot me a PM if you have something that might fit the bill. Thanks! -Luke