AMES used to sell all-weather self healing burlap target faces and you would see them at local archery clubs, but now they are getting scarce and expensive since the company closed. The Allen Company also made them and they were going for $10.00 to $20.00 each. Well now they have discontinued them too. I donít know why they would stop making them since they were really good target faces and would last a really long time. Anyways, I found a deer burlap target face and the rabbit/prairie dog target face at Numrich Gun Parts for $3.99 each. This is a really good deal so grab them while they are still available. When I talked to their customer service today, they said that they had 174 left of the deer target and 14 left of the rabbit/prairie dog target. The target measurements are 40Ēx27Ē.

I also scored one of those camo bow holsters that people used to use when shooting 3D tournaments in the late 80ís/early 90ís for $5.95 . Remember those adjustable strap pockets that attached to your belt/leg and supported the bottom cam of a bow that people used to hold their bows while they waited in line to shoot at a target during 3D tournaments. I havenít seen one in ages, but they had them in their archery accessories section so I had to get one to try it out. They had some good Allen Company archery stuff for cheap money so I thought I would pass it along. Hope this helps you all out.

Here is the link to the burlap target faces.

Here is the link to the accessories.

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