It might be overkill since I already have the Sniper Hog Lights Eliminator II Feeder Light set up next to my blind that shines on my feeder. But I had to get this incase I decide to hunt somewhere other than over my feeder. Also the feeder light comes with a remote but when I turn it up slowly, the hogs seem to spook a little bit. So turning on a small spot beam to take a quick shot at them seems like the better way to go. I have the brass bushings and have to install them on my recurves and see which one balances better with the light attached to it. My buddy and I are going to hunt some hogs from a ladder stand or from a natural ground blind this winter. This is going to be a lot of fun!!!! I have to pick up the new bow panels for my blind so I can shoot my compound and recurves from it next year. Then we are going to either move the feeder closer or shut it off and put another one that I have closer to the blind for hog hunting. He has a lot of good areas to hunt hogs on his property so we will probably make multiple natural ground blinds to hunt from. I am going to use the SHL 50LR flashlight since it doesn't weigh much. Anybody else on here use the SHL stabilizer tail cap for night hunting with their bow? How well has it held up for you. SHL seems to make some great quality stuff. I have had their feeder light system for 3 years now and it hasn't given me any problems. They recently came out with some new HD LED's that are a lot sharper and give you the same view on high when set on low. So far their products have been great to use. We clip the overhanging branches in the fall before hunting and this picture of my blind is in the summer time so there's a lot of overgrowth. Thanks everybody!

Hog pic from 2015