My buddy has been using this stuff for a really long time when he ground hunts with his recurve and so do a lot of other traditional bow hunters up north. I used it a long time ago and did see a lot more deer while using the stuff so it seems to really work as advertised. I was talking to my buddy recently and he asked me if I was still using the stuff and I couldn't believe that I forgot about using it. I just received two bottles of it in the mail today from Team Fitzgerald who makes the stuff. I had to take a 5 year vacation from being able to get out hunting or fishing due to an idiot doctor screwing up my lower back surgery so I just started getting back out hunting in 2015. This Tuesday will be my first time trying it out here in Texas. It worked extremely well for us up north so I am pretty stoked about trying it next week on my buddy's private property where I hunt. I have a Flambeau Boss Babe Doe Decoy with the Come-Alive Tail-Wagger motion tail decoy kit installed in it and the Deer Dander should help give it that real deer scent. I am going to use the Deer Dander in the early morning as a scent trail and then put the decoy out after 11am so the deer have a visual to help coax them out to my shooting lane. I am going to use the Deer Dander with the decoy at first and then add some doe estrus to the decoy area later in the day to try to get one of the big bucks to come in to it. So I was wondering if anybody here has used the stuff and has it worked well for you down here? Thanks everybody!

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