I'm new to this Texas Hunting Forum. I bought a membership on Oct 6th and received a conformation # in an email the funds had been paid; for a full membership. I have yet to receive the follow up email with the gate code so I can do some target shooting with my new bow. I have emailed Hill Country Bowhunters a few times with no luck or any response. Last year I got the email with the gate code less than a day later.. I will provide my conformation email (if needed) as credibility to show I'm not some clown trying to get a free gate code to target shoot.. I realize HCB is a volunteer organization and it is Archery Season... I thought I would post on here to see if anyone has a contact or advise on how I can get the gate code. I live close and I'm dying to get out and shoot this thing... Any advise would be much appreciated.