I am a 100% Disabled Vet looking for a Mule/WT Deer Hunt. I am NOT looking for a free hunt unless, there is one available. I have tried Wounded Warrior Project and they always give me the run around and never contact me or lead me in the right direction. I have never hunted Texas and would like to find a good place to find a great Buck to mount on my wall. Any help would be greatly appreciated! I have started hunting and been doing it for maybe a little over 2 years....so trying to learn the tricks of the trade and have a great experience. I have applied for the Public Lands hunt but, as far as this year and last year, never get lucky to get a permit.....so that is why I am looking around.

I am also open to looking for a lease for the future if possible but, that just depends on the price and location.

I appreciate it, Thank you and God Bless!

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Albert Avila