I have had this camera for years!! Worked well and the photos are great. My wife and I have recently purchased a 40 acre homestead in Jack County and I want to throw my cameras back up. I no longer have the manual, have found it online but still not able to get the LCD picture preview screen to come on, my laptop also does not find it when I plug it in, I get the "new device attached" chime from windows but nothing appears in the file explorer for connected devices. Any help is appreciated. I called the number and visited a trail cam help page with live chat where I found out the company went out of business so calling them (which I did) was useless.

P.S. the camera in all other fashions seems to be working. I've had it up 1 day and night and have 34 photos I can't get to as it uses a random CF size card, and I don't have a card reader that size.