Been a great start at the Haun Ranch.

Hunters took 2 trophy bucks that scored 199 this past weekend at Haun Ranch. There are a couple more available pictures are below.

Still booking free range hog and white tail hunts!

Contact Terry for more information.

Haun Ranch Website

A little more about Haun Ranch:
Ranch is a one stop shop ranch 2 Hours from Houston. Abundant white tail, turkey, hogs & varmits! Dove are heavy at times!! Terry's pricing is very affordable and lodging is available on the ranch. There are ponds for fishing and a shooting range to sight your guns in! Check out Haun Ranch Website for more info!
Free Range White tail:
Free Range Deer Hunting
We are under level 2 management, so our general deer season opens Sept. 27, allowing hunters to take deer with bow, rifle or muzzle loader.
2 Day Rifle Hunts: $550
Includes: 1 Doe, lodging, game cleaning and unlimited hogs
2 Day Archery Hunt: $450
Includes: 1 Doe, lodging, game cleaning and Unlimited Hogs
Mature Buck: $500- $1,500.00 Kill Fee

Lighted Feeders, Unlimited Hogs, Lodging, Rifle Range, Use of a Golf Cart ATV, Game Cleaning & Quartering, Pond & Creek Fishing Free Range Pricing:
2 day Rifle – $400.00
Archery – $300.00
Dog Hunts – $100.00 per person & tips
Addition days – $150 per day Night vision 308 & night vision goggles with 8 power lens for rent $50.00 per night each
Guided night vision hunts – $450 per night (3 hunters max)

3 Day Hunts-$750.00 Semi-guided
Fully Guided-Extra $100.00 Per day
2 Rio-Grande Gobbler limit, game cleaning