Looking to trade a Gen 3 Glock 27. It has newly installed Meprolight tru dot sights, Ghost Edge 3.5 connector, Ghost Bullet Slide Release, new recoil spring and a Vickers extended mag release. Has holster wear on the slide but internals are in excellent condition. She isnt pretty but shoots great. It was a police trade in from GT Distributors in Dallas. Also have around 750 rounds of factory ammo. Does not have a box but will come with 4 mags -- 2 are 9 round Glock mags, one with a Pearce +1 extension, 1 with flat base, 1-13 round Glock mag and a 9 round Glock mag that is a range only mag for now as it needs a new follower. The range mag also has the Pearce +1 extension. I do have all original parts including the mags flat base

I shoot a Beretta M9 in IDPA and would like to stay in 9mm for me EDC. I am a CHL/LTC holder.

I have right at $800 in the gun, parts and ammo.....

G27 $380.00 (after tax)
2 -9 round mags $21.95
Pearce + 1 base plate x's 2 $8.95 ea
Tru Dots $89.95
Ghost connector $21.95
Ghost Bullet $15.50
Vickers mag release $17.95
Talon rubbber grips $16.95
750 rounds ammo $200.00

LOOKING FOR A LIKE CONDITION Gen 3 or 4 GLOCK 26, 19 or 17 with ammo but open to other handguns.

Can text or email more pics

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