I am offering a limited number of exotic hunts this year. Ranch is near Leakey, TX and is 800 acres high fenced. Can accommodate bow and rifle. There is a rustic cabin with hot water, kitchen, showers, AC, satellite TV, etc. Food and drinks will be provided. Limit to groups of 3 for best experience. Place is beautiful and there is little cell service and very remote. Offerrig the following.

1. Garunteed Black Buck 18" and up @ $2000

2. Sika, fallow, Auodad, stag, black buck
- $600 hunt fee + kill fee $1400-3000

I have very high numbers of large auodad! Also have some tremendous fallow and sika. One sika in particular is a dboyski and is record book quality. He would make a high percentage hunt and is tremendous animal.

If u would like to see pics please PM me and I will get them to u. I don't know how to post pics here.