I am posting this to see if there is anyone here that might able to accommodate myself and two friends on a hunt.

We are looking for a relatively inexpensive "guy weekend" where we can go on a hunt this fall. We are looking to spend under $1,000 each for a minimum 2 day/2 night hunt with lodging included. I know we are not likely to find a place with "trophy" animals at that price, so we are okay with management hunts (whitetails or exotics)....and maybe the chance to whack a couple hogs if possible. We aren't looking for anything fancy....just clean & comfortable lodging. I can even bring my side-by-side if we need to for transportation on the property.

So basically here is our criteria:

- Maximum budget of $1,000 per hunter (3 hunters)
- 2 or 3 day hunt
- Comfortable and clean lodging w/ kitchen (we can provide our own meals)
- At least one antlered/horned animal per person (whitetail or exotics, not expecting huge trophies)....with perhaps a doe or pig (would prefer no goats or sheep)
- We would like to be the only people hunting while we are there

If you have something that might suit us, please either shoot me a PM or send me an email: wade.abadie@whitetailproperties.com