So we went to Dutton ranch over the weekend in Sonora, Texas. We have 4 groups of shooters all allowed 2 exotic does.

Man Jeff Dutton made sure everyone left with 2 exotics! I have never seen an owner work so hard to make sure everyone left with full coolers. 100% Free Range and fair chase. This was NOT feeder hunting. The Exotics here will not come to the feeders until winter after all the first hard freeze, or the greenery dies off.

At the end of the weekend everyone left with 2 exotics, even if they had missed a shot on one, he did not count that against them.. This was TRUE Hunting and was an awesome experience!

Driving around stalking these animals we saw tons of spikes, so the owner made the call to allow a few spikes to be dropped as well! Great time!

500 for 2 does (Axis or Black Buck) with lodging included and no extra kill fees! Cannot beat that!

Here is a 2.5 min clip of one of my kills, and it also shows a group of MONSTER Bulls we ran into. (He charges 2500 for trophy Bulls, with a free doe)

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Joseph Trousdale
Host Texas Game Hunters TV