For anyone interested, Ronnie Smith will be having a foundation seminar April 8th and 9th at his place in Big Cabin, Oklahoma. I went last year and learned A LOT in just the 2 days I was there. You're welcome to bring your own dog, or they have a dog there they can loan you for the seminar. This seminar is more for the handler than the dog, by far. They will show you how to start whoa post work, how to read your dog on what its thinking, why its reacting the way it is etc. They will work the dogs in a controlled situation on pigeons (bird introduction), show you how to get your dog to behave properly on the chain gang, and how to start working your dog on "heel". The whoa post work is what I found most valuable.

I'll be going back this year for the foundation, intermediate, and advanced seminars. I know a lot of guys that have trained multiple dogs from start to finish that will still go back and take these seminars to learn something new or freshen up their training.

There is a Super 8 close by to stay in, and on Saturday night we typically have a whole smoked pig. Its a great time to meet up with other bird dog minded people and learn in the process. Just judging by some of the threads started on here recently, it may be a good idea for a few to head up there and check it out. Cost is $400. Dogs of all age and breeds are welcome. They work with both pointing dogs and flushing dogs as well.

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