Had a hunter have to reschedule a hunt for next week on the 9th. He was just going to come out for the day and try to take an exotic. I will be out there anyways and would be willing to give a little discount for someone looking to get an exotic. Most of my hunts are 2 day hunts so in order to get it done in 1 day you'd have to be willing to hunt pretty much all day with me. I will provide lunch and supper if needed.

My common exotic hunts are normally $2250 - $2750 but I would be willing to give a little discount for coming out on short notice and doing a one day hunt.

Options to hunt in order from most accessible to hardest to get

Hybrid Ibex - Decent Mature rams ( nothing in the mid 30's for those who might ask)
Mouflon - We really have some fantastic moulfon
Blackbuck - probably will be around the 18" mark
Aoudad - have some nice ones but are tricky at times
Sika - Hit or miss
Axis - Have a ton but skiddish
Aoudad - Some around the 30" mark
Also have some super exotics like Stag, Eland, Scimitar, and Gemsbok
Whitetail are also available as well

If you are seriously interested please pm me and I will give you a price for what you are looking for. Again this hunt and the price will be for December 9th only.