Just picked up one of these cameras and wanted to build my own solar panel + external battery as the integrated accessory offered by Bushnell might be insufficient to use for plot watcher type uses.

Unlike earlier Trophy Cam models, this year's version sports a proprietary two-pin connector which is a challenge to find (although I believe that I have found one).

I am curious if anyone is using this camera with the solar panel/li-ion battery accessory from Bushnell and what their experiences have been. Also, Bushnell does not spec the output voltage from an external supply but their cameras will work with just 4-AA batteries which is at most 6V. I am curious if anyone may have measured the output voltage of the Bushnell solar panel.

Some have tested their own setup with a 6V external battery and found that it does not work. Bushnell's documentation on their external supply does indicate that the camera will work off the external supply as long as its output voltage is at or above some unspecified minimum. I am supposing that the external supply just needs to be slightly more than 6V so as to account for additional voltage drop through the wires at whatever current the camera is pulling from the battery.