Scary ride back to camp this morning after the additional rain storms. We all got in stands we could stay dry in before daylight this morning. On the ride in the creeks were passable. Sat in the blind through pouring rain until it slowed around 11am. On the way back to the house I noticed the lake was going over both spillways and the first creek I ran into was probably 6 feet deep now. Had to take a long 5 mile route around the ranch in the cold rain on the fourwheeler. Ran into several more dry creeks that were flooded but eventually made it back frozen and wet to the bone. Got the fourwheeler top of the fender deep a couple of times and fortunately it keep running. Glad to be home dry and warm now. For what its worth I saw some great deer in the rain this weekend and had an absolute monster 13 point, that the ranch manager has deemed to young, at 18 yrds with my bow. Did manage to kill one hog. Just crazy enough I would probably do it all again.