Had a awesome time at Rolling Bone Outfitters! Jenn and myself chased axis deer with Guide Billy Whitley! Started off meeting Billy at there lodge on Round House Ranch, after a quick tour of the lodge we had a chance to see some of the animals on the ranch. In just 1 hour we saw over 30 whitetails scoring between 150 -220. Saw some elk, red stag and some albino white tails. After getting settled in we decided to head into town and have dinner with his wife and friends. You could tell right away these were great people, we felt right at home. After dinner we got back to the lodge and had some white tail buck fawns come up to the lodge( they were bottle babies) and some other huge white tails laying in the adjacent fields! The next morning we woke up to a very cold morning as the front arrived over night! Not 5 minutes before Billy arriving the bottom dropped out and started to pour down rain! We stood there in disbelief as we thought our morning was ruined , far from it. When Billy arrived he asked if we were ready and we couldn't believe we were going in the rain! So we geared up and to the blind we went. The rain didn't mess up anything, the animals were still moving. Not 5 minutes into the sit we had trophy white tails not 20 yards from is. And I mean huge white tails, about 30-45 minutes into the air the axis didn't show, so Billy told us to pack up were going to go find them. We went back to lodge and geared up for the wet day and hopped on a ranger buggy and we were off! We must have been riding around for 1 hour or so before we spotted our first herd of axis, and they had some good ones. This trip in particular we were after a huge cull that he had picked out weeks before. The cull wasn't in this group so we continued on. The chess match continued for the better part of the day and every time we got on him he was either in a bad spot or herded up with other animals. We had to cut our trip short a day but will be back. If you guys want to shoot world class white tails, axis, red stag, elk or just have some meat hunts. Please contact me I can put you with the right guy that will go above and beyond to help accomplish what you want!

Ruffling Feathers Guide Service
Capt. Brandon Kendrick
Port O' Connor, Tx