I manage a Hilton property in Houston. I can trade either a weekend stay at my hotel, or if you travel I can get discounts (HUGE) like 29.00 a night for Hampton Inns - 39.99 for embassy suites and Hilton Garden Inns ect.

Anyone interested in trading access to their land/ lease to get a deer for two people each? I have a client of the hotel I would like to take out for a day. Looking for within 4 hours of Houston.

He is new to Texas and loves to deer hunt, I can take him but I only public land hunt, and that's not a very exciting trip.

I know strange offer, but I did this last year and it worked out pretty well. I cannot find the guy's info who I hunted with last year to contact again :-/

Thanks everyone!

Joseph Trousdale
Host Texas Game Hunters TV