After dreaming of hunting Kansas and getting drawn for a whitetail or mule deer, the truck was loaded and the world was right, but my outfitter has had to cancel my hunt, due to land issues.

So I am left with a truck full of gear, a little bit of cash and nowhere to go.

I would prefer archery but I have the 300WSM dialed in if need be.

What species:

I have no idea. I am going to my lease for whitetail so that would be last on my list but if you have a killer deal I am all ears.

I have never killed a Sika, Oryx, or Audad.

LOVE Axis if you have a cull or a doe, but have killed those before.

I am not looking for trophy as my budget is around 1K.

Location - ANYWHERE in Texas.

Please PM if you have availability and what you have.

Lesson learned just stay in Texas!!!

Semper Fi