Hello I am looking for a lease for next year around the Killeen temple area but will go out a ways, would like to keep it within a couple hours though. I am looking for myself and girlfriend along with our kids. Wanting year round access so we can go hang out on the weekends and get the kids in the outdoors. We would be the only two adult hunters and her ten year old daughter along with my 10 year old son may sit in the blind with us every once in a while. Also looking for the ability to drop a camper on the land for us to be able to stay in. We have both grown up hunting our whole lives, me in Wisconsin and her in Alaska, we will take care of the land, just need something to get out of town with the kids. Looking at spending about $3k. I can't get into the lease until March 3rd but figured I would post now in case someone knew of something opening next year.

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