So a client turned good friend of mine had it on her list to get a deer on the ground this season her first ever harvested. Now this was not the first attempt to to geter done this season. And she felt a bad JUJU was the reason the outdoors adventures had not went as planned the last couple months. But hey it's called hunting not shooting for a reason. So we climbed in the blind before first light soon after a fawn showed and left then the lucky doe came in and turned broadside for a perfect 23 yard passthru shot with a crossbow. The point of impact was a thing of beauty and the sound of the arrow hitting is the sweet sound of SUCCESS!! A short track with the 125g swacker broadhead.

Deer processing 101 was a quick success as well and another new hunter is bit by the rush and will be a lifetime supporter to help voice are beloved sport and pass on to future generations.
Here is the action as it unfolded...

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