Is this a dream buck to you. Ron Vincent shot this buck with his muzzleloader. He drew this tag after many years. He says now he can give his own son smack because his son has been giving him smack that he has a bigger buck.
While I asked Ron if he wanted to be in the picture. He said his wife would not like that because he is better looking than Brad Pitt. If his picture is posted on the internet then his wife will be mad and he will not get to go hunting as much. Because the ladies will be chasing him. His wife does not want that.
A buck like this is so beautiful that he may get too many visitors at his house anyway just to see this beautiful deer.
How many of us would like to have a deer like this on our wall? It is fantastic, beautiful, symmetrical and stunning all at the same time.
Great job to Ron and Levi Sexton for being great hunters and a super successful hunt. These guys did it DYI, public land. ... ose-ha-ha/

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