It's year around hunting and fishing on all leases we have, some have camping areas. We abide by all Oklahoma Wildlife Department rules, regulations, hunting seasons and bag limits. We have leases that have cabins on them to where you and your family members can stay at no extra cost. Some of our lease locations are near ALFALFA COUNTY-GRANT COUNTY-ATOKA COUNTY-SEMINOLE COUNTY-STEPHENS COUNTY-ELLIS COUNTY -MCCLAIN COUNTY-HARPER COUNTY-ROGER MILLS COUNTY,KIOWA COUNTY,KINGFISHER COUNTY and others.
> We have excellent deer, turkey, waterfowl, hog/predator, quail, pheasant, and small game hunting. You being a member makes you, your wife, children under the age of 25 and grandchildren under the age of 19, all members under your membership. Dues for a family membership are $162.00 month. When you join there is a onetime fee of 500.00 to cover your hunting badge and stock fee. We limit the number of hunters that can be on a lease at a time with our reservation system, once a lease is full it will not allow you make reservations to hunt till a spot is canceled or the next day. We manage our leases properly so we do not over hunt the property either. Leases for deer are 8 point outside the ears for mature deer only. Youth hunters aged 16 and under can harvest there first deer under eight, but there after must be mature deer. There is no trapping or running dogs, except for upland bird hunting and waterfowl hunting. Four wheelers are allowed on leases to retrieve game, hang stands and set up feeders. Guest are allowed also, except on opening weekend of turkey, smoke pole or rifle. Those days are for members only. We have an on line reservation system where you can book hunts up to 6 days at a time, two weeks out from the day you plan on hunting. Our website has (TOPO MAPS) (DRIVING DIRECTIONS) and (REGULATIONS) for each lease we have. Our website has harvest reports to where each hunter can post his or her harvest and also look to see what is being harvested on other leases. Cabins are for use year around on the leases that have them. As far as owned properties, we have a property that backs up to the Salt Plains National Wildlife Refuge, it has 10 goose pits, 4 ponds, 4 deer towers, a lodge and bunkhouse, and cleaning station, planted food plots for deer and waterfowl. The lease has excellent deer, crane, dove, goose and duck hunting. We have a leases that have a very good number of waterfowl taken off them, and when there is good water out west we have a lease that is one of the best waterfowl leases around. With the rain totals this year all leases should be excellent waterfowl hunting this year. Members in the club find it to be great for they do not have to worry about being able to find good hunting property at these expensive prices and to have a safe place to take their children hunting. Right now we do have spots available for new members, but they are filling up fast. You can also go to You can call if you need more info or you can text-- Rick at 405-740-6177 or David at (580) 251-0032