Have you been wanting to do a Muskox hunt but don’t want to hunt in -30 degree weather and get bounced around in a komatik? Well, here’s your chance!

Our outfitter has been granted special permission by the government to hold some Muskox hunts in late April. These hunts should be 20-30 degrees warmer than your typical Muskox hunt. As a bonus, wolf has also been included in the hunt and hunters will each have their own snowmobile to hunt from.

Hunts will be a 5 day hunt for Muskox/Arctic Wolf and take place in the province of Nunavut near Baker Lake. Success on these Muskox hunts have been 100% in the past and close to 90% on the wolf. Hunters will each have their own snowmobile and follow the guides throughout the day. At the end of the day, the hunters will return to Baker Lake to stay at the hotel.

Although I have not hunted Muskox with this outfitter, I have personally hunted with him for Caribou on two other occasions and had a great time on both hunts.

For those wondering, this species of Muskox is classified as the Barren Ground Muskox by SCI. These Muskox are typically 10-15% larger than the Island/Greenland Muskox.

** One thing to remember......if one has an alcohol related offense such as a DWI, DUI, etc. on your record, you may be denied entry into Canada. This can be worked around but can take months for all of the paperwork to get done **

Dates: April 24th – 30th, 2015
Cost: $13,500.00

Hunt includes:
Airfare from Winnipeg to Baker Lake and return via Calm Air
7 day package, including 5 Full days of hunting
1 x 1 guiding
7 days/6 nights’ hotel accommodations at Baker Lake
All meals during hunt
Muskox license, trophy fee, and HTO fees
Wolf license
Small game hunting
Snow mobile rental
Trophy and meat prep

Not included:
Travel to and from ones home to Winnipeg
Meals and accommodations in Winnipeg or Southern stopover
Licenses for hunting small game
Shipping of trophies and/or meat
Any taxidermy charges
Personal items including excess baggage charges
Any costs incurred by delays due to bad weather or mechanical problems

What to expect
April 23rd:
Arrive in Winnipeg and spend the night.

April 24th:
Flight to Baker Lake. There are 3 to 4 legs to the flight, so it will take a good portion of the day. You will check into the hotel at Baker Lake. The guides will already be there. There is a 12 hour waiting period in Nunavut so you will not start hunting until the next morning. However, your hunt includes 5 full days of hunting.

April 25th - 29th are your hunt days:
Breakfast and supper will be served at the hotel. Lunch will be packed for you and taken onto the tundra. You will leave town on snow machine. You will have your own. If you have access to one in your area, it would be good to get familiar with riding it. They are simple to learn to drive.
You will target Musk Ox first, but any wolf you see on your travels is fair game! Once your Musk Ox is down, you will go after your wolf!!

April 30th:
Because of the multiple legs of the flight, you will spend most of the day travelling back to Winnipeg.

May 1st:
Depart from Winnipeg to one's home.

These hunts have not been on the market long as the outfitter was working with the government on securing the dates. Demand has been high. Please call me right away if you are interested.

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