Hey guys

Let me go ahead and throw my ring in the fire too. My group is having to unfortunately search for a new lease to hunt. We are a tight group who has hunted together for years. We are very selective in what we shoot and let deer grow to reach their potential. We believe in managing a herd correctly and by that I mean we don't always have to shoot trophies. We are fine with shooting lessor quality older deer instead of shooting a good deer that can be better with another year or so. Always willing to work to imporove the ranch and the herd. We have our own blinds, feeders, etc. we prefer to be in south Texas, 4-5 hours from Houston since we reside there. We are looking for anything from 2000-5000 acres preferably with lodging on the premises. Water and electricity are a must. References are available upon request as well. If anyone has or knows of anything please pm me. Thank you very much.