Hello all,

I'm looking for a year round long-term lease within a few hours of Dallas that is not ridiculously expensive, considering my hunting wants, as I'm only looking for small acreage (100-300 range). I'm a single responsible and respectful hunter that uses firearms only, no bows. During deer season, I'm looking to shoot a couple of does each season to get processed and spend time outdoors so no worries about those trophy bucks on your property, I will not take those. During the rest of the year, I want a place I can go small game and hog hunting (not a bird hunter). Water and electrical access are not necessary.

I am open to jumping into a current lease as an additional hunter considering what I'm looking for. This is my first time looking for a lease so my apologies if anything on here sounds very uninformed! All thoughts and suggestions are appreciated.

Please contact me through PM or email at TravisVillarreal@hotmail.com.

Thanks for reading,

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