News Flash - How did New Year’s Ice Storm Impact Quail?

“This just in . . . . . Many people have been concerned about how last week’s weather impacted their quail. At RPQRR, we had 99 quail (mostly bobwhites, about 20 blues) alive and “on the air” last Monday, the day before the wintry weather set in. Friday’s check showed 98 were still alive! So, we did not record any acute effect of the cold weather on quail survival. The RPQRR has excellent habitat with thermal refugia and screening cover ad libitum. Also, about half of our pastures do receive supplement (milo) via “Currie quail feeders” and they (the feeders) were kept quite busy this week. See our Facebook page for several pictures and videotapes of the ice storm and quail at RPQRR.”


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