My son got a crossbow for Christmas and is 9 years old. He has harvested 4 animals with a gun but wants to find a place he can kill a hog with his crossbow and I can kill some hogs with my bow. My daughter and wife might come along and my daughter might be shooting her first animal (hog) with a gun. Wife would not hunt. So I need a place we can bow hunt and rifle hunt. Low fence or High Fence either one is fine. Needs to be a decent lodge since the wife and kids are coming along. Does not need to include food but would be ok with food included. Our last stock show event is the end of February so we are looking for a hunt in March. Is there any outfitter out there with a lot of hogs that can accommodate us for a decent price. We are near San Antonio Area. Probably would like to kill 2-4 hogs total. Probably come in Friday afternoon and hunt 2 times on Saturday and 1 time Sunday morning and leave at lunch Sunday. 2 nights, 3 total hunts.

Thanks... Any help is appreciated.