Brian Helmer must be one of the last true boy scouts. I booked a hunt with him on his property he only charges $125 per day however unlike any other canned hunts I have been on he gives you free run of the place for 24 hours and he has many stands to choose from.

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So me being a novice at hunting he showed me around the place and provided me with a wealth of knowledge. after waking me around for hours of tracking animals and engaging conversation he was so determined to have me get my prize and because I simply could not walk any further he was kind enough loan me a 4 wheeler to ride. H spent so much time teaching me about tracking animals from game trails to scrapings on the trees tracks in the fresh mud, he even showed me signs of a sow bedding down.

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I had the best adventure of my hunting career!! Other outfitters simple drop you off in a stand a wish you luck. Not Brian you get a mini safari with him. He even said I could shot a cull deer if I wanted. I know he was just doing his job but I feel like I hooked up with a friend I have not seen in years. In the end I did not get an animal although there where tracks every were. an I did see lots of deer. I did give him $240 the $125 for the hunt plus a generous tip he tried to give me my money back but I would not have it. To me I got off pretty cheap for that adventure and wonderful host. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a good time. To me people are too wrapped up in the kill and forget about the adventure.

here is some of the video I got on the trip. If your wondering why I did not take the doe when she stepped out a fawn followed her.

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