Whitetail hunts can provide a wonderful outdoors experience, but if you are preparing for your first deer hunt, you may be somewhat apprehensive. Over time, most hunters glean a few tried and true trophy deer hunting tips that help to ensure a great hunt. The following tips can give you a head start on your first Texas whitetail hunt, however.

Spend some time scouting. Every terrain and hunting area is different, so it is important to take the time to learn the lay of the land. Make it a point to go out during the day and spot deer trails and paths. Remember that bucks are fond of rubbing their antlers on trees, making it easier to spot their favorite locations. Food and water sources also draw deer.

Start your hunt early. Around sunrise, whitetail deer have a tendency to be more active. Although that is not to say that you will not spot one during the day, but your best chances will come about 30 minutes prior to sunrise. Finally, remember to stay quiet and still. All it takes is a rustle of your clothing or a cough to scare off what could have been a trophy buck.

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