was out at hog heaven hunts with Jason 12 year old daughter connected with both the doe with one shoot. We had the first one at the feeder i told her to get aim and shoot before we lost her she took her time trying to get a clean shoot being her first deer was a bit shakey. Just as she was about to pull the trigger the 2nd deer walked out from beind the tree and put her head down to eat just as i hear the shoot go off was watching with the binoculars so i could make sure of a hit and see both deer drop in the spot the stood front never moved back one flopped her head and tail a little but then stopped so we went to take a look first deer was a pretty pore shot placement just behind the lungs but the deer in the back got it right in the neck all in all happy older daughter and one one pissed of 7 year old because sister got the deer she seen night before but would not give her a shoot only seen them for a minute and at about 500 yards. the shots were from about 125 yards so would say for her first deer i will take the shoot placement at that distance. she also picked off a hog from about 120 yards with night vision that night perect lung shot but the hog was waering a bullet prof vest tracked it for about 1.5 hrs in the dark found a huge pool of bright red lung blood then just one other drop of blood past that could no longer fnd the trail went back in day light and Jason got us back on the track one more small spot of blood and tacks then about 10 yards in front of us from under the brush the sucker takes off running damn thing not dead yet Jason takes off after it as i try to get the kids threw the brush and we hear hear 3 more shoots with the 45 finally got her pig about a 200lb bore. all in all great time and some darn good shooting by my daughter

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