I was in my stand this afternoon, at about 3:15 I Saw a coyote but was unable to get the gun up fast enough as he trotted by. Sat and watched a beautiful view of the countryside while perched upon my hill. At about 5:00 I spotted a doe, then another, and another. There were 7 doe at one time in my oat patch. This is a personal record for me at this location. I knew it was only a matter of time before a buck came out, and sure enough here comes a 2.5yo 6 point chasing the does around.

I watched through the binocs and here he came out of the brush. A beautiful 8 point that was dogging the does and bowing up to the 6. What a blast to see this happen. I just watched them chase around until it got dark enough for me to make my escape. Good luck everyone.

Life is too short, as is. Don't chance it.
Don't text and drive.