I have been wearing the same camo University of Houston ball cap since 2007. I was wearing it when I shot my first elk, a 5x5 in New Mexico in 2008. I was wearing it in 2012 when I shot my first axis buck, a free range gold metal on our ranch in Junction. I had it on in 2011 when I shot my best elk, a 6x6 in New Mexico. And I was wearing it last year when I shot my personal best white tail, a 140" 8 point in Junction. It's been stomped on, blown off, soaked in rain,covered in snow, chewed on by a dog, peed on by my baby, torn, washed and super-glued together. I think it has a couple more seasons in it.

Was hunting alone, so no proof of lucky hat. wink

Anyone else have a lucky hat or lucky charms?

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