Just had a chance to check the drawing results status page for our entries.

They completely messed up the points for my buddy who always puts in with us, I know for a fact because in years past I was always the one who filled out and mailed in our cards. He has as many points as I do but it only showed him having 1 point for every category we put in! mad

Spoke with a nice young lady who was very helpful at the TPWD headquarters, she looked us up and verified that my buddy should have MANY more points than what was listed. She updated his points to the correct amount but since some of the draws already happened we got shafted on those entries mad.

She said this is not the first incident of this happening this year since going to the "computer" applications. She said something about when we all had to create accounts for ourselves every so often it shows the applicant being "new" even though that person has been applying for years! She said she had one guy who had over 10 points in some categories and only received 1 point in the draw! Like us he didn't catch it until some of the drawings had happened!

So in short, CHECK YOUR POINTS, so this doesn't happen to you!