I've already decided my e-collar for my newly trained springer spaniel will be dogtra. I'm wondering if anyone has a good suggestion as to which model I will need?

Facts about my dog / hunting style:

My dog is 1 year old springer spaniel male, collar trained and has about 3 months of obedience and basic gundog training. He's about to come home from round 1 of training and I'm getting an e collar for him.

He is about 40 lbs and will be at a maximum 45 as an adult.

He has responded VERY well to collar training - he has not, however, responded well to other forms of training such as a heeling stick etc. He does best with the collar and the power does not need to be high for him to engage you and follow commands to a "T".

I dove, duck and quail hunt. Mostly dove. His average hunting environment will be a hot one, on a pond or in a field in September / October. The range does not need to be that far but I want a reliable collar. I also intend on teaching him to hunt for shed antlers at some point in the near future. For that, his collar might need a little more range.

What model dogtra collar would be best for me?