i found this on a hood county site that i belong to..

Ashleigh Ashford Conlee‎Texas hunting
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Looking for 1 hunter to fill year round lease. Had a guy break contract by not paying at last minute and need to fill his spot. To sum it up, I have a 750 acre high fence and 250 acre low fence ranch in south texas. We feed protein year around and has lots of water. This is our first year on the place and I'm implementing a very strict mgt plan inside the high fence. Already has great genetics just needs a little TLC. So for the first year or 2 we will not be shooting "trophys" inside the high fence. Just mgt bucks, wanna let the good ones go for a while and do the breeding, but you can still shoot a trophy on the low fence side. Truly best of both worlds! Ranch comes with all blinds and feeders already in place so all you gotta do is show up.. We are very family oriented and love bringing the kids! If your one of those guys that don't like hunting around kids and women that hunt then don't waste my time. Price is $3916 this includes lease and electric for the camp house! If interested give me a call and we can discuss further. Hondo 512-785-7085
My husband is Hondo