I'm curious as to what broadhead setups everyone is using for turkey hunting. I'm debating using a bow or shotgun for this spring turkey season. I have been looking at the guillotine type broadheads that just decapitate the turkeys, and that seems like it's the way to go for me, but I've never hunted turkey before so I'm open to any and all advice. To me, taking the birds head off is the best way to save as much meat as possible and doesn't seem to be all that difficult if you're confident enough with your bow and correct distance.

in regards to using a shotgun, what size shot is recommended to try out so you can pattern your gun? is a longer barrel "better" than a shorter barrel or is there not really much difference in regards to ethical turkey distances? I'd prefer to leave my shorter barrel on as opposed to going with the regular long one. I think those are all of the questions I have for shotguns.

also, how does everyone feel about using a popup blind? I think I want one just because I've been wanting one, but I do also feel that it would be pretty useful for me while I'm trying to get used to turkey hunting and such. It gives me freedom to move around a little bit and also even possibly bring my daughter along and not have to worry too much about her being super still at 4 years old.

First one down, many many more to come!