Thought I would float this out there to see if anyone is interested in a trade. I have a place in South East Oklahoma (Pushmataha county) that has an abundance of turkey. Season is between April 22 and May 6 and I believe the limit is one Tom per person. We have a small cabin for lodging, nothing fancy but it is a place to eat and sleep. What Id like to do is trade for an exotic meat hunt. My son left my freezer open so now I don't have any meat for this year.

Im not a turkey hunters so this will not be guided per say but I will come with to show you around and help out anyway I can. I see turkey regularly so if you know how to bring them in you should be able to bag a tom. This is hilly, rocky, rough terrain. Not Colorado hard but it will be physical. So if anyone has free ranging exotics on their place and they want to grab a hunting buddy and hunt some easterns let me know

C 1/9