Working for a group of hunters, looking for a great 2013 whitetail hunt. We're working our database, but know some folks out there have some lesser known hunting operations.

Criteria includes (but will consider other options/opportunities):
*Low fence or high/low fence combo. Not really interested in HF only unless large enough
*2 bucks, up to 130-150 range and cull/management, will consider other options
* no-kill, no-pay, or kill fee preferred, but not required
* lodging/meals
* hunting for varmints/predators, hogs, etc if tag both bucks early, prefer included on the whitetail hunt cost
* up to 5 day hunt
* expectation is to take 2 bucks and other game,
* any area of Texas,south, west, Rolling Plains, Panhandle, etc
* exotics interest the hunters as another added option
* accurate representation of hunting opportunities and deer numbers
* airport pickup is a plus

Our criteria
* recognition of the market cost for this type hunt,
* direct communication w/us, not 3rd-4th person
* $$ is gonna be spent, our criteria/requirements are very high on accurate representation,
* "booking agents" not directly working for/involved with the hunting operation, feel free to contact us, but it will be different.

Hunting operations that can offer the above or similar type whitetail hunt for 2013, feel free to call or text 210 215-3877 or email us at

PM at your own risk, we do not log on often.

Texas Outdoor Organizers