Ok, so I have never been a member and I am deeply considering it for several reasons but I have a few questions for you members.

First of all I am considering only one type of membership and that is a LifeTime.

So here we go! Is there really a benefit at being one over the other?

I was looking on their site and they have a lot of discount programs, have you used them and are they good?

I was looking at some of the classes they have and they seem very interesting. Have you taken any of them and what is your feedback?

The classes look to be a tiered progression but the one thing I don't seem to be clear on is the basics course they all say you have to have taken. It would seem to me this is just like a hunter safety course.

I would like to work my way up to an Instructor, how long does that take and what are some of the rewards for being one?

Would any of you LTM's be willing to sponsor me so I can join for less?

If you could take two classes what would they be and why?

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