Went to the Valley this weekend to pickup the grandkids. On the way down most of the area between Encinal and Freer (Hwy 44) has had rain and there were lots of forbs coming up in semi shaded areas.

From Freer down to Hebbronville (Hwy 16) it was similar and that area looked like winter hadn't even set in. There were even some mesquites that had green leaves instead of yellow leaves. I also saw some huisache that looked like it had new leaves on it. Of course in that area Spring starts in 3 or 4 weeks. It was similar in northern Starr Count (FM 1017) until almost La Gloria, after that it was pretty bleak.

From Eagle Pass to Carrizo (Hwy 277) there were spots were there were lots of forbs, but there weren't nearly as many areas as the other areas.

But, if those forbs don't get burned up by heat, they should help mucho with the post-rut phase and get them going for antler growth. With a little more rain in the March through May period they might have a semi decent year.